September Meeting Minutes

meeting date Sept. 19 2017

Location: Fire Station 15 Oregon City

Shandi Walter (WFCERT Coordinator)
Kevin Fox
Christine Core
Kathleen McKenzie
William Denney
Yvonne Christensen


We discussed and agreed that we would like to have a quarterly hands on training to practice the CERT Size Up to ensure that our skills are kept up to date- Shandi and Kevin will work on the details and coordination

The group would like to watch a training video during each meeting- Bill and Kevin sent Shandi a list of videos to chose from and we will work through both lists during upcoming meetings

CPOD volunteer training opportunities were discussed- leadership will need to look into coordinating that training

There was a unanimous request for Ham communication information and training

It was requested that leadership remember to remind everyone to register early for the CERT summit next year

We discussed obtaining information about the Volunteer Org foundation- so we can begin to accept donations- Kevin and Shandi will need to follow up on that

We decided as a group that we would like to provide outreach at the Oregon City farmers Market once a month- We need to gather the supplies in one location and work out the schedule. Shandi has sent an e-mail to the Market Manager to begin coordinating a presence.

The group would like to be officially trained in CPR/First aid- We discussed an option of Shandi being trained to train, the possibility of the fire department providing the training at a (hopeful) discount (or free) and also the Red Cross training options- Shandi is currently looking into the options and has sent an e-mail to Gregg Ramirez for guidance

All members present are interested in training with the Red Cross and developing a partnership. Shandi Has a Meeting to discuss opportunities with the local red cross volunteer manager the end of the month. we would like to focus on Sheltering training- and coordinating disaster response activities

It was discussed that there should be more a of a presence at HOA meetings, and that we should prepare materials for their newsletters-

Our next meeting training- topic of discussion will be water storage and prep

Shandi Walters
Willamette Falls CERT Coordinator

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