June 19th Meeting notes

We had a great meeting last night! Greg Wenneson from Oak lodge CERT joined us and had a Q and A session about our vision and goals for WFCERT. Thank you Greg! your thoughtfulness, experience and knowledge are very much appreciated!!!

Greg has invited our team to join his meetings/trainings on the second Tuesday of each month at the Oak Grove Fire station from 6:30- 8.

Greg has also very kindly agreed to facilitate the Canemah neighborhood meeting presentation tomorrow night. I am very much looking forward to meeting the folks in Canemah, and learning how the professionals like Greg generate interest and engagement.

Kathleen Mckenzie has generously donated to purchase a WFCERT banner to use at outreach events.THANK YOU!

We are making progress towards a mutual beneficial relationship with Clackamas County Fire District #1, Our first meeting with the Fire Chief was a success and we have scheduled another meeting to discuss further how we are going to move forward with CERT

The outreach at the Saturday market and the library have been kind of slow. I do believe we should have some interactive displays to attract people and generate questions. I would like to create a display of items- a “go” bag for demonstration, or a car kit, or a 72 hour kit
I would very much appreciate any donations to help! please contact me if you have anything you would like to share- or bring the items to our next meeting.

Don’t forget about the Oregon Red Cross Sheltering training on June 30- please let me know if you would like to register, and the CERT summit on Sept. 29- more details to follow

Speaking of the Saturday Market and the Library and other outreach events…… I still need people to help out. let me know when you can join us
24th 2-4 pm Oregon City Library

21st 9-2 OC Saturday market
22nd 2-4 OC Library

7th 5 pm-8:30 National night out
18th- 9-2 OC Saturday market
26th- 2-4 OC Library

15th- 11-4 (ish) Prepare Oregon City- I actually expect all hands on deck for this Public outreach event 🙂 Clackamas Community College
22nd- 9-2 OC Saturday Market
23rd- 2-4 OC Library

20th 9-2 OC Saturday market
28- 2-4 OC Library

25th 2-4 OC Library

23rd 2-4 OC Library

Action Items-

1) Let Me know your availability for the Saturday market and Library and national night out
2) Plan on attending and helping at the “Prepare Oregon City” public outreach event- please confirm your availability with me

Our next meeting will be July 17, at 7 pm at station 15. please bring items to donate for display at the Saturday Market and Library. We will be stuffing and addressing envelopes with flyers and brochures to send off to the local churches. If you know of an organization we should reach out to please bring that information with you or send in an e-mail.

Take Care,

Updated: June 21, 2018 — 5:27 AM

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