Cascadia Rising

Well now that Cascadia Rising is over we can take minute to reflect. I know for me with the Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) and CERT parts of the FEMA exercise I was a very busy person.

I will focus on the CERT part of this.

FEMA Region X (10) had a large scale exercise that ran from June 7 through June 10, well since that was a Tuesday through Friday, Clackamas Fire District 1 CERT decided to have our exercise on Saturday June 11.

This exercise was held at the CFD1 Training Center and this was a great place to have it.

The exercise was tell attended and there was a great showing for WF CERT.

So of the people I actually saw in action I was very impressed. Mark was the Logistics chief in the EOC. He did a great job on keeping track of every thing on a white board, making sure he had the supplies and people. I was very impressed how well he keep track of the people so there was never a doubt that all of the team members were safe. Julia was the team lead for the medical team, and was doing a great job at getting the basic first aid done so the people were stabilized for transport. She had a lot to keep track of and did well at it. Dennis was the team lead at one of our neighborhoods. The rescued a number of victims from the training tower. We had a number of newer team members that were still in the learning mode and these seasoned vets did some great training.

We all learned that this will not be easy or even for that manor coordinated, its going to be chaotic and there will be untrained people wanting to help, other people screaming that their child or pet is missing, so we need to be prepared for anything.

Good Job to All and Willamette Falls CERT.

Kevin Fox
EOC Facilitator

Updated: June 13, 2016 — 12:47 PM

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